Services Offered

Electronic monitoring is used for location tracking or house arrest as an alternative to incarceration. It gives defendants who would otherwise be incarcerated an opportunity to earn income, meet with their attorney to help prepare their defense, care for dependents or loved ones, or otherwise contribute to society instead of being warehoused in jail at great expense to taxpayers and the personal freedom of our fellow citizens.

To this end, Electronic Monitoring Company, LLC offers tools to help defendants comply with the conditions of their release, thus assuring courts they can allow defendants to be released without compromising the safety of the public.

“House Arrest”

When a defendant is ordered to remain at a particular location (often their home or a drug treatment facility), EMC monitors the defendant’s location to ensure he does not leave that area during the period of confinement. This is the simplest and least expensive service offered.

Advanced Compliance Monitoring

When a defendant is ordered to participate in activities at regular intervals (work, school, AA meetings, drug testing, etc), or avoid specific locations (often high-crime areas or addresses related to the alleged victim(s)), EMC can program its system to alert the defendant and local law enforcement when those conditions are not obeyed. This is the most comprehensive and expensive service offered.